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Here you will find programs I developed based on my most common areas I've worked on with other clients. This shit's good, I promise. 

You Gotta Work, B*tch $88

Pre-order price- $44 (woo!)

Yes, I just quoted the great Britney Spears. 

If you find yourself fun-employed or just generally hating your current job, this program is for you. *Program more geared towards office roles* 

I've gone trough the job hunting song and dance multiple times myself, and I've worked with multiple clients all using the exact same technique. It does take some time, but taking consistent action is key and this program will tell you all that you need to do. 

No more sending resumes in to the abyss and getting zero responses. I guarantee that so hard that if you so me you have done the work and still get no interviews after 6 months, I'll give you a full refund. Promise.

This program is still under construction, but it shall include:

  • The job hunting roadmap

  • How to write a resume that gets a reply

  • Networking without feeling like a weirdo

  • Submitting and tracking applications spreadsheet- made and used by me personally in the past

  • Preparing for that interview (you got this!)

  • Post interview follow up protocol- yes, you need to send a thank you note. It matters!

  • Plus- Extra recommended resources that get the job done quicker

Pre-order for half price now and be the first to get this!

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