Write a resume that gets you an interview

Money back guarantee if you don't score
an interview within 90 days

Resumes that get results

  • This process works if you you want to switch to job you don't hate, want to switch to a new career all together, or just really need to get an office job asap. 

    • you don't need 100% relevant experience (I've switched careers twice now)​

    • you can have gaps in employment (I had 3 years between office jobs to explain)

    • you can have done the stereotypical millennial "job hopping" thing (yeah... I have 4 office jobs and a stint as a full time yoga teacher on mine)

  • Write a resume that gets through those pesky online scanners

    • most applications are submitted online now so this is your first big hurdle!​

  • Write a resume that will make HR reach out to you

    • I know, I am on team HR at my company. I'll tell you why I pick some to send to the hiring managers and why I pass on others.​

  • How to write a cover letter that doesn't make you sound like a boring robot (trust me this is important. I read cover letters first and look for any explanations to resume weirdness in here).

  • Bonus:

    • Submitting and tracking applications spreadsheet- made and used by me personally in the past- and how to use it successfully

    • Free resume & cover letter templates

I stand by this process so much that if you don't get a response to your completed resume within 90 days I'll completely refund your money.

Resume writing services are expensive, this sh*t isn't

You could pay someone else to write your resume for you for $179-$349. And it will get results, but that's not nothing. 

I also think these come out super stuffy sounding and boring (especially the cover letters). Want to know how I know this? I paid that $349. The resume was fine but my cover letter resulted in zero responses. Because it sucked.


This program shows YOU how to get through the Applicant Tracking Software (I'm not keeping it a secret just to make more money) & how to write a cover letter that makes me (me with my HR hat on now) reach out to you. This cover letter writing style also scored me 3 interviews with actual good jobs within 30 days. 

Get my guaranteed results system for the pre-order price of $19. Will be $44 soon, but that's still a freaking deal.

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