3 Accounts You Need to Follow if You're Job Hunting in a COVID World

So you're job hunting. Or you want to be but you find yourself in the constant loop of scrolling through your social media accounts and then, poof, no time to apply. Well here are some accounts to follow so you'll get a dose of job hunting inspiration while you're scrolling!

Haley Sacks aka Mrs. Dow Jones

She's sassy AF. She posts funny memes. And throws in financial wisdom while she's at it. She's fabulous.

For reals, she has some really educational videos and posts presented in a way that is entertaining for the millennial brain to binge watch.

Why did I pick her for this list? She did a couple posts on job hunting after quarentine went down and it's nice to see someone addressing the dact that the game has now changed. Get some wisdom and follow her here.

Jobs & Careers, by Dreamers & Doers

This one is the most clutch resource and yet the one I struggle to write about. Why? Because it's on Facebook, and Facebook is trash. But they are worth mentioning despite my hatred of that site.

Dreamers & Doers is a paid group focused on growing womxn owned businesses, BUT they have several free Facebook groups. This one is my favorite as they post remote jobs frequently, as well as jobs mostly in larger cities. It's one of the places I recommend you look for open positions in my Resumes that Get Interviews resume writing guide.

So log back in to your dusty Facebook account and request to join this group (you'll get approved) here.

Sallie Krawcheck, CEO and Co-Founder of Ellevest

What can I say? I like women who help other women become wealthy!

I'm a member of Ellevest and HIGHLY recommend them. It's investing for women made super duper easy that creates their portfolios based on women's needs, and even has ethical investment paths for you to choose from. I have a "Build Wealth" account and a retirement account with them. It's very set it and forget it and let's me be a little riskier (with my money) than I would on my own bc investing can be confusing AF.

Why did I pick her for this list? I love me some female CEOs and Sallie has created a service that I think is groundbreaking. Memberships now include the options for career coaching and have free (with a paid membership) email courses including a 7-Day Networking Boost.

My membership is $5/month for both of my accounts and every single woman out there needs to be investing.

Free feminist tips for the working womxn flowing through your feed here.

Tell me in the comments what you would add to this list! And if this list has you feeling inspired to update your resume, go check out my Resumes That Get Interviews resume writing guide (guaranteed to score you an interview or your money back).

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