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So wtf is email life coaching? Think Talkspace or BetterHelp but for helping you get shit done. No one likes talking on the phone or going to appointments any more, any ways.

How does it work: You will first send me your life's story and tell me what part of your life is a shit show. We will come up with a SMART goal and get you on your merry way to actually getting to where you want to be.

Sounds easy, right? So you might be asking why TF do I need a life coach then? You just told me what to do. Well if it were so easy you would have done it already. You need to have accountability and loving support. You need someone to push you to your actual potential and be your biggest cheerleader. And sometimes you just need someone to listen without judgement when shit is hard and no one gets it. Life makes it hard, but you can tell life to suck it. You got this. Let me help.

Typical things I've worked on with clients have been: finding a new job after being canned, switching to a job that doesn't suck, helping move past some pretty f***ed up relationship with money (fyi- buy the damn latte or avocado toast), finding love (although you are completely fine on your own and don't need anyone, you hear me!?!), and creating some balance in life so you don't wake up in a panic every day or have the weekly Sunday scaries.

Emails are responded to next day, M-F. Homework will be assigned. Previous results do not guarantee future results. Clicking the below buttons will take you to paypal (it' legit, I promise). You'll get your first email from me using the email on your paypal account- or feel free to shoot me an email if you prefer to use a different email (kristenelysecoaching@gmail.com).

New Client Special $50

Everything I just said sounds hunky dory, but how will you know if I'm  a good match for you or worthy of your hard earned money? Fair question.

Commit for one month and a drastically discounted rate. We will map out your goals and basic road map to get there. If at the end of the month you aren't happy for any reason I'll return your money- no questions asked. 

3 Months of Email Coaching $450

3 Months is the general time frame in which I see my clients get shit done. Will 3 months be your magic number? I can't guarantee that. But I do know that with motivation, hard work, and someone to push you, you're well on your way to the life you want. 

Picture of me at a fitness photoshoot I did for attention. 

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