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Certified Life Coach, Trained Yoga Teacher, Happy Corporate Working Woman

Wowie, where to begin. 

I started out my adult life thinking I wanted what I was told an adult should have: a steady office job, to get married and maybe have kids (never have been sold on this one, tbh), buy a home, yadda yadda yadda. 


I quit my first adult job I had in Minnesota to move to NYC with my boyfriend thinking I was big shit, but then ended living in a cockroach infested apartment. I got a real life Devil Wears Prada job- rage quit after 6 months. I then got a cushy corporate finance job- I rage quit that one too. I let my body gooooooo and just stopped taking care of myself. I had student debt up to my eyeballs. My mental health was hanging on by a thread. I was drinking just to avoid dealing with it all.

I. Was. Miserable. It was a textbook Millennial Quarter Life Crisis. 

Not all of the journey was bad though. After quitting the second job in NYC I became a certified life coach and yoga teacher, and started Kristen Elyse Coaching. I have also successfully paid of ALL of my debt, maintained my relationship with my partner of 7+ years on our terms (much to the dislike of some in our lives that value the "traditional" family only), got in to bodybuilding, and even went back to working in a corporate HR job but this time for a company that valued me. 

This HR job has given me even more insight, and success, in helping people not hate what they do every day. 

I got my sh*t together (mostly). I finally have a career (or multiple careers, some may say) that I truly enjoy. 

Through sharing my stories and telling people how I've pulled myself out of the hole several times, in conjunction with actually being trained to coach people, I  have helped a lot of women get their sh*t together and enjoy what they do as well.

Insert inspirational message about how if I can do it, anyone can!

So roll up your metaphorical sleeves and let's get to work together.

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Kristen Elyse is a Certified Life Coach, 200-hour Certified Yoga Teacher, (former) personal trainer, and happy corporate working woman. She lives her best life in NYC with her man friend and 2 cats. 

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