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Career Coaching with Kristen Elyse

Hi! My name is Kristen Elyse and my professional life has been a sh*t show.


I quit one job to move from MN to NYC, quite 2 jobs in tears in NYC, worked for myself for a couple years becoming a certified life coach and 200hr yoga teacher. I then began teaching yoga, and eventually got a now lapsed online personal training certificate, to teach private PE lessons to wealthy but behaviorally challenged teenagers. Then remembered I do not like kids and wanted to go back to the corporate world.

Lesson of this story is you can fail at a job and start over. You can change your mind about your career and start over. You decide that you actually like two paths and go after both.

Everything is figure-out-able. 

I now work in corporate HR AND I'm here to help other women find work they actually like too.

I want you to be financially independent and work in a job that doesn't suck the life out of you in the process!

It's time for you to have a resume guaranteed to get you an interview in 90 days

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